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Toni Cabal - Cinnamon Oud 100 ml

Price €180.00
AMBER-SPICED-MUSK With Oud from Laos, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Chocolate, Woody-Amber Notes, Rose from Turkey, Patchouly from Indonesia...

In the fascinating world of perfumery, each season has its own olfactory symphony, and winter is no exception. Winter perfumes possess a unique magic, a charm woven with captivating ingredients and accords that awaken the senses, transforming the cold into a warm and enveloping experience. At Perfumería Laura, we invite you to discover these aromas handcrafted by the finest perfumers.

Winter perfumes, warm notes for more enveloping scents

Winter perfumes are much more potent essences than those of other seasons. This is because they use a higher concentration of essential oils in their notes. Let's see what characteristics make winter perfumes triumph.

The dance of ingredients

Winter inspires a palette of rich and opulent ingredients that intertwine to create unforgettable fragrances. Winter fragrances often incorporate deep woods like cedar and sandalwood, which add a solid and earthy base to the composition. Resins such as frankincense and myrrh, with their balsamic nuances, evoke the comforting sensation of burning wood in a fireplace.

To add warmth and sensuality, vanilla and amber are fundamental ingredients. Vanilla brings a soft sweetness, while amber, with its oriental and woody notes, creates a sense of luxury and mystery. Benzoin, with its sweet and vanillin aroma, also joins the winter symphony, adding a melodic warmth.

Aromas that awaken the senses

Winter perfumes are designed to envelop us in a fragrant embrace, like a soft blanket that protects us from the cold. The top notes, fresh and vibrant, often include citruses like bergamot or mandarin, which awaken the senses with their sparkling effervescence. These citruses slowly give way to the middle notes, where flowers like rose or jasmine bring a delicate floral touch, reminding us of the promise of the coming spring.

However, the base notes are the true protagonists of winter perfumes. Deep woods and resins unfold, creating a rich and enveloping trail that lingers over time. The balsamic chords of frankincense and myrrh add a spiritual and mystical dimension, transporting us to snow-covered forests and ancient temples imbued with aromatic smoke.

Time-defying longevity

The longevity of a perfume is one of its most important characteristics, and in winter, longevity becomes a fundamental attribute. Perfumes of this season, with their concentration of rich and dense ingredients, have a unique ability to withstand cold temperatures and stay with us throughout the day and night.

The base notes, especially resins and woods, are responsible for this exceptional longevity. Cedar and sandalwood, with their persistent qualities, act as anchors that hold the fragrance over time. Amber and benzoin, with their resinous character, contribute to the fragrance's longevity, creating a trail that lingers in memory.

Fall in love with Perfumería Laura's winter perfumes

Winter perfumes are like bottled poetry, an artistic expression that captures the essence of the icy season. With their rich and opulent ingredients, evocative aromas, and lasting longevity, these fragrances invite us to immerse ourselves in a world of captivating sensations. When choosing a winter perfume, we are selecting more than just a fragrance. We are carrying with us an olfactory story that unfolds with each application, creating memories that endure long after the snow has melted and spring flowers have bloomed.

Below, we present our curated selection of winter perfumes:

  • The Spirit Of Dubai: Majalis, Fakhama, Turath og Meydan.

    Ojar: Stallion Soul, Wood Whisper og Kashmir Print.

    Alexander J: The Majestic Oud, Golden Oud og Iris Violet.

    Oman Luxury: Angham, Serenity, Paramour, Oud Aquilaria, Voyage og Mariya.

    Moresque: Rand, Emiro, Aristoqrati, Al Andalus og Byron.

    Ramon Monegal: Faisa og Siesta.

    Santi Burgas: Oikb, Flaming Red, Siesta og Eau Dadette Perfume Oil.

    Toni Cabal: Tobacco Leather, Tannhauser Xtrem, Ambery Leather, Ambery Leather Diamond, Cinnamon Oud og Vetiver in Black.

    Daniel Josier: Ambre Tabac og Green Leather.

    Lunio: Cherry Fever.

    Aller: Lume og Terra.

    Maison Tahité: Vainilla2, Vicious Cacao, Ristretto, Café Gourmand og Coffe Bomb.

    Storie Veneziene: Zaferano I, Gaggia Medio I og Mica D´Oro.

    Anthologie: Harmonie Pastorale og Par Amour Pour Lui.

    Il Profvmo: Otello, Chocolat og Caramella D´Amore.

    Lorenzo Pazzaglia: Blody Smoke, Van Py Rhum, Van Exstasy, Artik Sea og Carbonara.

    Bruno Perrucci: Amburum, Sublimizia og Alias.

    Tiziana Terenzi: Dionisio, Hale Bopp, Andromeda, Draco, Moro Di Venezia og Spirito Fiorentino.

    Casamorati: Lira, Regio, Italica og 1888.

    Perris Monte Carlo: Vanille Tahiti, Oud Imperial, Cacao Azteque, Patchouli Nosy Be og Santal Du Pac


    V Canto: Strinina, Stramonio, Malatesta og Sigismondo.

    Mancera: Red Tobacco, Intense Red Tobacco, Aoud Vanille og Amore Caffee.

    Houbigant: tabac Nomade, Ambre des Abysses, Oud Or og Bois Mystique.

    Sora Dora: Kamel Oud, Mandorle og Vanuatu.

    Etat Libre D´Orage: Experimentum Crucis og Frustration.

    Electimuss: Black Caviar, Puritas, Auster og Jupiter.

    Atkinsons Niche: Oud Save The Queen, Oud Save The King, Her Majesty The Oud, His Majesty The Oud og The Other Side Of Oud.

Our carefully selected perfumes capture the essence of winter, with top notes evoking the freshness of the first snowfall and deep nuances transporting you to cozy moments by the fireplace. Each fragrance tells a unique and exciting story.

Wrap yourself in the essence of winter with our exclusive perfumes! Discover the magic in each bottle, where captivating aromas intertwine with winter freshness. Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience that awakens the senses and unfolds a symphony of rich and warm notes. Gift the elegance of winter to your loved ones or indulge yourself in the pleasure of these wonderful olfactory creations.

Make this winter unforgettable with our winter perfumes, where sophistication and freshness meet. Discover your winter olfactory signature now!

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