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In Laura Perfumery we are specialists in Swiss cosmetics and niche perfumes. Our history begins in 1975, during these almost 50 years, we have focused on offering the best of Swiss cosmetics and niche perfumes to all our customers, with a personalised attention, where we attend to the tastes and needs of each customer. We always seek to find solutions to each and every one of their concerns.
We have been located in the centre of Alicante since 1975, in the same place and in the same shop that we so lovingly founded almost 50 years ago. Now we are transferring the same spirit from our physical shop to our online shop. That same spirit that we have maintained for almost 50 years and that has led us to be leaders in the market of high cosmetics and signature perfumes in Spain and throughout Europe.


During the last few years our website has been www.cosmeticosvalmont.com and in 2021 the time has come to incorporate more brands in our catalogue, so we have made the transition to perfumerialaura.com offering the same attention and specialisation in the product but over a wider range of brands and references.
Valmont Cosmetics offers a unique quality in each of its products, developed with the highest technology by an R&D team made up of expert cosmetologists, doctors and biologists who work hard to improve the effectiveness of all its products.
Valmont Cosmetics has a unique formula, patented and developed in its laboratories, based on DNA and RNA, which has been the key to the great effectiveness of its anti-ageing and rejuvenation treatments.
Valmont offers products of unrivalled efficacy in anti-ageing and skin care treatments with instant and long-lasting results. For this reason, in 1985 we became the first official Valmont Cosmetics dealer in Spain.
In addition, in Perfumería Laura we have the most exclusive range of Valmont Cosmetics, L'Elixir des Glaciers, an unprecedented treatment with high anti-ageing, firming and sublimating efficacy. The most prestigious and effective range of cosmetics in the world which penetrates the skin in depth and stimulates cell renewal, repairs and protects by providing hydration and energy.


In the face of the growing commercialisation of perfumes and the standardisation of scents, niche perfumes have stood out for being much more personal and intimate. Original perfumes that tell stories and evoke unique moments, awakening memories specific to each person. Artisan perfumes made far from any commercial trend, intimately linked to the personality and taste of each person, as if they had been created especially for you.
In Perfumería Laura we bring you the best in niche perfumes and signature perfumes. For this, we have a variety of exclusive perfumes with unique fragrances, all of them handcrafted through slow and meticulous processes with natural products of the highest quality. As a result, we obtain perfumes that are impossible to forget, whose scents transport us to a unique journey full of sensations.
At Niche Perfumes we can currently advise you on brands such as Etro, Carthusia, Alexandre J., Il Profvmo and Valmont. If you want to surprise someone special or treat yourself and need guidance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialized team will guide you so that you can enjoy an original and guaranteed signature perfume.
Niche perfumes are an essential element when we talk about luxury and exclusivity, discover our entire range.

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