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It is scientifically proven that those who regularly wear perfumes or fragrances develop greater sociability and have a more positive view of the outside world. This phenomenon is due to the fact that, by appreciating the perfume itself, one acquires self-confidence.

Olfactory tests have shown that introverts prefer oriental, amber and spicy fragrances; extroverts choose fresh, solar, citrus and floral scents; while those who have a dreamy temperament are attracted to soft, vanilla, powdered, intoxicating perfumes.


The fate of Silvana Casoli, the creator of Il Profvmo, was linked for a long time to the fragrance. Born in Reggio Emilia (near Bologna, Italy), she grew up in the heart of a magnificent park, full of trees and was rocked by the fragrances of nature.

When she was a child, she wandered among trees, flowers, and bushes, and discovered that she had a gift for distinguishing fragrances; she was fascinated by the emotions that the scents could evoke. Her path was clear: she would be a perfumer.

At the university, her Silvana instinctively leaned towards the natural sciences, which she studied at the University of Urbino, Italy. More and more captivated by the scents of the world, she refined her knowledge of perfumery and delved into the secrets of cosmetology, botany and aromatherapy.

After graduation, she learned the trade and cultivated her art with some of the best perfumers. However, Silvana's vocation was always clear: to create her own brand, to give life to her desire to compose different perfumes, in tune with “socio-olfactory needs”, and to pay tribute to nature so dear to her.

Il Profvmo, drawing on the extensive experience of Silvana Casoli, an aromatologist and cosmetologist of well-deserved and proven prestige, creates perfumes and complete lines for the body, using selected and highly appreciated natural ingredients and drawing inspiration from the rhythms and scented messages of nature.

Il Profvmo embraces and evokes ancient and reassuring emotions belonging to the past, without giving up an innovative touch and at the same time bold and modern in the preparation of its proposals.

"Olfactory experiences reach the roots of our identity by removing hidden energies" explains Silvana Casoli. "The perfume molecules provoke relationships with memories and emotions. For this reason, the perception of an odor in individuals who are adult enough to have accumulated a discrete baggage of life experiences of different types makes it possible to relate that perception to a series of emotional memories connected with life events ”.

Over the years, a whole series of fragrances has been born that Silvana Casoli sells in her store "Il Profvmo", in the historic center of Reggio Emilia, a true candy box where, in addition to the perfumes created by her, we find original jewelery and unique accessories .


By definition, OSMOLOGY is the science of smells. OSMOSIS, on the other hand, is a physical phenomenon of absorption and exchange between 2 elements through a membrane, in our case, the SKIN.


OSMO PARFUMS are presented in an alcoholic solution.

Its particularity and exclusivity consists in the creation formula, with a slow evaporation curve, which makes this way of perfuming very intimate, defined as "short radius". of heart and high titer fixing essences, modulated between each other with a maturation method below 40ºC.


They settle on the skin almost without leaving a trace, developing a pleasant olfactory sensation with intense intensity.

The epidermis absorbs the slow-release primary essences by osmosis. Over time, up to 24 hours, the intensity of the perfume increases, transforming into a "PERSONAL SCENT".


The OSMO PARFUMS are all combinable with each other. With a simple method of combination, you can create your own personal perfume.


OSMO ABSOLUS are presented in oily solution.

The mother essence, with a high qualitative title, is melted, matured and amalgamated in a dilution of sweet almond oil, with a mixture of noble vitamin, carrier and moisturizing oils. the most persistent form. That is why the perfume will become more and more intense and voluptuous as the hours go by (24 hours of fragrant activity) without leaving any trace of unctuousness.


The notes are amplified by the heat of the skin, dissolving and merging in osmosis with it, determining the exclusivity of the scent and the way of perfuming.

All OSMO ABSOLUS can be combined with each other with the same dynamics as OSMO PARFUMS.


Heavy, intoxicating perfumes that leave an oppressive trail have been forgotten. Gone are the ephemeral, ultra-modern fragrances that everyone wears. Gone are the recognizable aromas that leave little room for new sensations.

Il Profvmo has reinvented niche perfumery and the way to wear a perfume.

Like invisible ink, Il Profvmo perfumes write an extraordinary story on the skin of each person who wears them.

Through complex compositions, unexpected blends and refined harmonies, IL PROFVMO perfumes appropriate the skin to offer a truly unique expression. The perfume adapts to each person like a second skin.

With its perfumes and scents for the skin, Il Profvmo contains in its bottles timeless and inaccessible fragrances, inspired by the beauty of nature and crystallized with the talent of the creator Silvana Casoli.


“I draw inspiration from nature: from a bush, from a flower that blooms close to persistent musk, from the moss at the foot of an oak that shelters and protects a wild cyclamen. I am attracted to remote places, distant deserts and winds. I love the wind, in nature, the wind carries fragrances and is present every time an inspiration is transformed into a creation ”, signed by Silvana Casoli.

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