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Toni Cabal - Cinnamon Oud 100 ml

Price €180.00
AMBER-SPICED-MUSK With Oud from Laos, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Chocolate, Woody-Amber Notes, Rose from Turkey, Patchouly from Indonesia...


What is OUD?

OUD perfumes are also referred to as AGARWOOD, one of the most expensive materials in the world of perfumery.

It comes from the bark of the AQUILARIA tree, or AGARWOOD.

The transformation of healthy AQUILARIA wood into OUD occurs when a part of the tree, root, trunk, or branch is slowly infected by an invasive fungus called PHIALOPHORA PARASITICA, secreting a highly aromatic oily resin, as if to impregnate the wood, which becomes dark and hard. This happens as a defense against the attack of fungi or parasitic bacteria. This process takes years.

OUD producers only cut the infected parts, hoping the tree does not die and produces more resinous wood.

What does OUD smell like? How do niche perfumes with oud smell?

The scent of OUD is difficult to describe; it's a combination of contradictory smells, smelling like musky wood, coupled with an animalic tone, exhaling aromas like burning leather, smelling of wood while simultaneously being warm and sweet.

It's a unique and unisex scent, not meant for the discreet.

In Europe, it took time for OUD perfumes to be introduced, accustomed to softer scents. Historically, it has been used by the Arab world.

OUD has a high level of addiction.

The qualities of oud perfumes

The qualities of oud depend on the age of the tree; the older it is, the more resin it contains and of better quality, presenting a deeper aroma.

The best pure OUD oils come from trees over 100 years old.

Quality also depends on how many times the wood has been distilled to extract the oil. The one from the first distillation is the best. Once the oil has been extracted, it improves with age. Depending on the concentration of resin in the wood, 20 to 50 kg are needed to obtain 20 ml of pure oil. Currently, 1 kg of excellent quality OUD costs €18,000.

This is not a problem for the main consumers (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Japan), who are eager to create the best and most refined perfumes.

Compositions with OUD

OUD is so potent that it is very difficult to mix it with other essential components, hence its production only in luxury brands.

OUD in different cultures

Used by Asian cultures since ancient times.

Chinese, Arab, Japanese, and Indian traditions have used its essence for making incense, religious offerings, and perfume preparation.

OUD perfumes become a trend

OUD perfumes are trending. A perfume with OUD is booming right now, as it did once with amber, rose, jasmine, or patchouli.

OUD Demand

Today, the commercialization of OUD production has been restricted for its protection. The high demand for OUD during the 20th century has made it increasingly scarce and expensive.

To combat dependence on the uncertain production of nature, Aquilaria plantations have been established in the Middle and Far East, mainly in Indonesia.

Aquilaria Tree Characteristics

The Aquilaria tree is very resistant; it can live in sandy soils, in shade or full sun, in dry or humid climates, on mountain slopes, and on rocky soils.

The most appreciated variety of Aquilaria Malaccensis can reach a height of 50 meters and a trunk diameter of 90 cm.


At PERFUMERÍA LAURA, we have different brands whose MAIN COMPONENT is OUD.

This selection is available in our Perfumery in Alicante and our online store.


The Majestic Oud (a woody and sensual oud)

The Majestic Vetiver (an aromatic and woody oud)

Golden Oud (an oriental and woody oud)

Rose Oud (an oriental and floral oud)

Zafeer Oud Vanilla (a sweet and caramelized oud)


Hommage à L'Homme (a woody and spicy oud)


Teatro Di San Carlo (a woody oud)


Othello (a fresh, woody, and floral oud)


Io my Self (a warm and enveloping oud)


Bergamot Oud (a fresh and woody oud)

Chocolate Oud (a floral and sweet oud)

Oud & Berries (a fruity oud)

Cinnamon Oud (an amber, spicy, and musky oud)


Gold Rose Oud (oriental oud)

Laudano Nero (spicy oriental oud)

Maremma (floral and woody oud)

Orion (floral and woody oud)

Ursa (spicy oriental oud)

Mirach (vanilla floral oud)

Bigia (woody and fruity oud)

Dionisio (floral and sensual oud)

Gumin (fruity and floral oud)

Burder (spicy and woody oud)

Te (fresh and spicy oud)

Nero Oudh (oriental and enveloping oud)

Chiron (woody and vanilla oud)


Ricina (floral and fruity oud)

Malatesta (fruity and woody oud)

Pandolfo (seductive and sensual oud)

Sigismondo (spicy and floral oud)

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