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In the vibrant London of 1799, an intrepid young man named James Atkinsons landed from the Cumberland region of northern Britain in search of fame and fortune. Accompanied by his most unusual adventure companion, a bear, Atkinsons established his first perfume shop in the heart of the city, at 44 Gerrard Street, Soho. This was no ordinary establishment; His distinction lay in the presence of a bear that became his emblematic mascot.

In the year 1800, James Atkinsons surprised the world with his most audacious creation: an Eau de Cologne that challenged the conventions of Italian fragrances of the time. Warm and spicy, this fragrance captured the spirit of the British Empire with its lingering and distinctive aroma.

Atkinsons Niche Brand Values.

Atkinsons is a brand rooted in tradition, founded in London in 1799. It is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, offering niche perfumes that transcend gender limitations.

Atkinsons Brand Territory.

The Atkinsons emblem, inspired by the royal coat of arms awarded by King George IV, adorns the cap of each fragrance. The bottle's iconic design, with gold engravings and the original two-bear logo medallion, reflects the brand's heritage and elegance. The original packaging, a wicker basket, echoes the perfumery's modest beginnings, while the distinctive orange color evokes the bricks of the first store on Gerrard Street.

Fragrance Design and Collections.

True to its origins but slightly modernised, Atkinsons bottle design is a work of art in itself. The top hat-shaped cap, etched to imitate a woven wicker basket, adds a distinctive touch to each fragrance.

The iconic collection pays homage to Atkinsons' original perfume boutiques and workshops in London, while the flagship collection features a contemporary reinterpretation of its 19th century masterpieces. Finally, the Contemporary British Collection offers innovative interpretations of Britain's most iconic symbols and landscapes.

Fragrance Collection:

Iconic Collection: Eau de Cologne (24 Old Bond Street, 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract, 44 Gerrard Street), Eau de Parfum (41 Burlington Arcade, Gold Fair in Mayfair).

Emblematic Collection: Eau de Toilette (Nuptial Bouquet, Amber Empire, British Bouquet), Eau de Parfum (Tulipe Noire), Oud Collection (Oud Save The King, Oud Save The Queen, His Majesty The Oud, Her Majestic The Oud, The Other Side Of The Oud).

Contemporary British Collection: Eau de Parfum (Rose In Wonderland, Mint & Tonic).

The Atkinsons Niche brand embodies the spirit of British elegance with a timeless chic touch, offering fragrances that are masterpieces intended for noble spirits and those seeking to live with irreverence and contemporary style.

Atkinsons Niche Candles

Atkinsons candles are much more than just candles; they are works of olfactory art carefully crafted in Italy from a unique blend of vegetable wax, carefully selected for its exceptional scent and burning qualities. Each of these sculpted creations is individually prepared by expert artisans in a sustainable waxworks committed to the use of renewable energy.

Presented in elegant recycled cut glass containers or delicate porcelain jars, Atkinsons candles not only illuminate the space, but also embellish it with their refined and sophisticated presence.

Behind every Atkinsons candle is meticulous research and development carried out in collaboration with the world's leading perfumers. By selecting ingredients of the highest quality, each step of the formulation is carried out with precision, ensuring a perfect blend of wax, scent and wick.

These candles embrace the essence of high quality, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. Most Atkinsons candle fragrances are composed with ingredients from an exclusive list of raw materials, carefully selected from the finest harvests in the international world of fine fragrances.

These compounds are responsibly sourced, ensuring that ingredients are sourced with respect for human rights, promoting fair trade and protecting the environment.

Each candle in the Atkinsons collection offers a unique and sublime olfactory experience, carrying with it the very essence of artisanal excellence and sustainable luxury.

Collections and Candles:

A Touch of Glass Collection

Lights of London Collection

Tea Party Limited Edition

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