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Jean-Philippe possesses an artistic sensibility, which he expresses through the pursuit of beauty and aesthetics. Growing up surrounded by paintings and art helped him develop his own artistic sensitivity.

ATELIER DES ORS is born to express a modern vision of craftsmanship and art. Its dream is to create perfumes that blend craftsmanship and art to provide customers with pleasure and inspiration through their creations.

The PERFUMER of Atelier Des Ors is Marie Salamagne.

Marie Salamagne is a Scent Artist with a portfolio of artistic and commercial works. A talented and creative perfumer, she embodies both the artisan and the artist.

For her, a good perfume has the power to transport, and the emotion it evokes is uncontrollable and powerful. Perfume acts as an entity in itself.

Marie Salamagne envisions her creations as paintings, where tones create contrasts.


The artistic and aesthetic dimension of ATELIER DES ORS is confirmed through its artisanal seal.

The seahorse is the hallmark for 24k gold in France.

"The Seahorse" is also an important component of the human brain and plays a significant role in memory consolidation for colors and scents.

The embossed rays on the back of the bottle symbolize light, the glow of the sun, but also the trail of the fragrance.

As the bottle captures light, the golden hue of the fragrance creates a brilliant reflection.

It is a tribute to the fine crystal cutting techniques that were once used in High Perfumery bottles during the Art Deco period (1930s).

ATELIER DES ORS consists of 6 collections:

BLACK COLLECTION: An intense olfactory signature. Fragrances that will deeply touch you with their sensual and addictive charm.

This collection contains 9 perfumes: Lune Féline, Rose Omeyyade, Rouge Saray, Larmes du désert, Bois Sikar, Cuir Sacré, Iris Fauve, Musc Immortel, and Aube Rubis.

WHITE COLLECTION: Celebrating perfumery as the 8th art, this collection is inspired by Gustav Klimt's Beethoven frieze and the pursuit of happiness.

This collection contains 3 perfumes: Nuda Veritas, Crépuscule Des mes, and Choeur Des Anges.

WATERS COLLECTION: Blanc Polychrome from the Waters Collection is a fresh and tonic fragrance with a modern style, infused with explosive colors.

RIVIERA COLLECTION: An inspiring range of 4 perfumes with a light, radiant, refreshing, and captivating signature.

This collection contains 4 perfumes: Riviera Drive, Pomelo Riviera, Riviera Lazuli, and Riviera Sunrise.

FRIVOLOUS COLLECTION: Synonymous with French elegance and the art of living with a nod to the spirit of "The Roaring Twenties."

It contains 2 perfumes: Pink Me Up and Noir By Night.

EXTRACTS COLLECTION: The most concentrated and intense versions offer a 10-fold increase in olfactory experience.

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