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The V CANTO COLLECTION is inspired by one of the most beautiful love stories in the world: love for roots and homeland.

The Terenzi family has lived near Gradara Castle, one of the oldest castles in Italy for more 700 years. Putting down roots among the beautiful hills, forests and blue of the Adriatic Sea, this is a family of explorer travelers, who love to return home, made of scents and colors dominated by blue tones velvety from the sea after every adventure. From this wild but beautiful area comes, in fact, much of the creative energy and love of beauty that distinguishes all of Terenzi's works of art.

Even the extraordinary poet Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest Italy has ever seen, chose to honor this place with a chapter from his most famous work: The Divine Comedy. This work has always accompanied us since childhood and remains one of the most exciting books to read.

Inspired by the work and the places described in it, the V CANTO collection by Cereria Terenzi was born.

Precious and unique fragrances.


The inspiration for this collection comes from the union of 2 bodies immersed in an embrace, in fact, the shape of the bottle represents the female body with its sinuous curves, while the stopper lacquered in precious metals and heavy represents the knight's helmet.

Holding the bottle in one hand and the stopper in the other, you will immediately feel a perfect sensation of balance between both objects. This is a prelude to the ecstasy you will feel the moment the fragrance enters in contact with your skin.

The bottle, covered in soft blue velvet emphasized by the silver finish of the stopper, is inspired by the dress that Francesca was wearing at this time, still accessible to visit in the Gradara castle museum.

The innovative box opens in the same way as the imposing doors of the aforementioned castle, even today these Doors continue to protect the riches and beauties that the palace houses.

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