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  • Guglielmo Terenzi e Luigia Mancini in Terenzi

Guglielmo was a cavalry officer who loved everything that was beauty and harmony . He played drums and wrote poetry.

Luigia decided to channel her husband's talents and established a small craft laboratory in a small room of the family home. It was the first step and over the years it would become a story of more than 40 years, passing to the present, generation after generation.

Guglielmo had always loved perfumes. He created his own personal collection, using natural essences from his beloved land.

The small artisan workshop got bigger and bigger. The bricks, the plants and all the nooks and crannies of the facilities still have their spirit and their smell.

  • Paolo Terenzi (president and nose)

Following the family tradition Paolo Terenzi took over the company.

Paolo Terenzi is a talented and highly respected Italian perfumer. Very unconventional, great storyteller, captivating, that his philosophy is "to compose art and beauty."

A Paolo loves working with natural raw materials, which he obtains personally by traveling around the world.

He worked with the best international fashion and design firms for many years.

And together with his sister Tiziana they created their own brand in 2021.

In 2014, one of their fragrances was nominated as a finalist for the Fifi awards.

  • Tiziana Terenzi (designer)

Tiziana is a professor of applied arts and designer, and has collaborated with the main brands of jewelry.

His sophistication and love for “beautiful elegance” is expressed in the meticulous craftsmanship detail and thequality unsurpassedof his works.

Each Tiziana piece includes 24-karat gold details, hand-blown Italian glass, hardwood inserts on its plugs, and hand-stitched Italian leather inserts.

In 2015 his Chimaera creation for the Anniversary collection won the Best of the Best award from Robb Report magazine.

The great success came with the Luna Collection, where all their knowledge was expressed in the creation of the cap, where all the phases of the moon are represented.


The creation of these perfume extracts comes from the never-ending quest to represent and capture emotions.

The perfume uses all its power to evoke an intense moment of life lived. All essences evoke a beautiful memory, trapped within the precious olfactory molecules, forever etched in our minds.

The collections have always been inspired by travel, shared emotions around the fire and the experience of life, all this is reflected in their collections.

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